About Bmaze Elite

The emphasis of the program is to prepare players for the next level of competition and ultimately, help them to garner a college scholarship to continue their education and basketball career. We pour into our players with basketball and life skills to prepare them for college and adulthood. 

Our 4 Principles

  • Substance Over Style

    Focus on having substance and achievement tends to follow. Not so often vice versa

  • Help vs Hype

    Smart Marketing is about helping something not hyping it. Hard to live up to hype.

  • Next Level Mindset vs. Now Mindset

    The obsession of instant gratification blinds many to their long term potential. Offers now don’t guarantee being prepared for or having success at the next level

  • High Character

    Doing the right thing on and off the court all the time, when you make a mistake OWN IT and move on.